Taiga x Ryuuji is a canon pairing in the Toradora! anime.

Story Edit

Taiga and Ryuuji are total opposites in personality. Ryuuji is nice and calm, and Taiga is short-tempered and rude, fitting the common tsundere trope.

They first start out trying to help each other get closer to each other's crushes, but they slowly start to fall for each other in the process instead.

Though for the majority of the series they keep trying to get each other together with their old crushes, they become closer and closer to one another, but neither of them know how to state their feelings.

They eventually confess to each other by the end of the series, and eventually get married.

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Quotes Edit

  • "I won't be able to... Stay by Ryuuji's side anymore... I won't be able to walk by his side... The one beside Ryuuji... Won't be me... I don't... Want that..." - Taiga
  • "I can't stop loving Ryuuji..." - Taiga
  • "Since ancient times, the dragon has been the only beast to equal the tiger. Even if you're not by my side right now, I will leap through space and time and always be by your side. These feelings will never change." - Ryuuji (To Taiga)
  • "Marry me! That way, we'll both be adults! My life will be yours until I die!" - Ryuuji (To Taiga)
  • I love you, Taiga." - Ryuuji (To Taiga)