Welcome to The Anime Couples Wiki! Edit

This wiki is dedicated to couples shown in various different anime. No matter the genre of the anime or the sexuality of the characters, all couples are welcome here, whether they are canon (confirmed) or not!

This Wiki is still a huge work in progress, and will most likely go through many changes.

Why a Wiki about Anime couples? Edit

All anime shows have one thing in common, and that is couples; whether they are already married, are just in a relationship, or if they are just beginning to discover their feelings for one another. Love is a complicated concept that changes people, including the characters in anime. It can change how they act and how they feel, and could potentially be a huge turning point for the series as a whole.

No matter the fandom, fans always have a favorite couple, whether it is canon or not, and the anime fandom is no exception.

There are tons of anime out there, and there are also tons of couples that people love.

This Wiki is meant to bring anime fans together, so they can share their love for their favorite pairings.

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