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Ran and Shinichi's Love will last through the pain and sorrow......

Detective Conan's Main Love couple, Ran and Shinichi, are one the most popular points of the whole anime and manga series. Because Shinichi was shrunken down to a size of a kid he can't confess his real feelings to ran because of this transformation that keeps him from doing so. Since this transformation, Shinichi, while undercover as 'Conan', lives with ran and her father Kogoro Mouri to find the evil Black Orginization that has shrunken him down to a size of a Elementery Student so that he can return to his normal body and confess his love to ran.

History Together Edit

Ran Mouri and Shinichi Kudo (Rachel Moore and Jimmy Kudo in the funimation Adaption) have known each other since the tender years of kindergarden, so they have known each other since little kids all the way to Young teenagers. They Know possibly everything there is to know about each other including, their favoret color, family issues,childhood secrets, ect. There family is close to each other as well since Yukiko and Eri went to the same high school and are best friends, in which they would set up play dates for the two so that they could play together while they talked. Ran has also bin on a trip with shinichi and his parents to new york before which shows how close ran is to the kudo family. Yukiko also hopes ran will be part of the family when she Wishes that ran will become her Daughter-in-law. All in all though, ran and shinichi are best friends Through and through and that is what developed these strong romantic feelings that they have for each other.

Episode Proof Edit

Episode 1 : When Shinichi is getting in over his head because of the popularity he gains from being a famous detective, he gets hit with Ran's Karate uniform while saying "Careful Pal Your Head's Inflating" which goes to show how she doesn't like the fact that his popularity's getting to his head. We also see how ran gets jealous of all the fangirls he has gotten. Later she asks him if he wouldn't just want one girlfriend, shinichi says this once to himself in a hushed whisper than looks over to ran, which shows the audience that he likes-likes her. Shinichi promised ran that he would take her to tropical land if she won the karate tournament, which she does and so this episode implies that they will go on a date, when they go to tropical land while they get into the mystery coaster, ran says that the mystery talk is getting old after she fools him, when they got up just before they went into the cave she asks him the real reason for comming and then grabs his had. after shinichi solves the murder mystery he leaves her in the center of tropical land. they didn't know this would be the last time they saw each other the same way again.